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Nigeria is a land of variety and spice. A spice of peoples and diverse cultures. A rich array of natural attractions like the Yankari National Park, Gashaka Gunti National Park, Cross River National Park, Old Oyo National Park, Chad Basin National Park, Okunu and Kanuka National Parks.

The more than 250 languages of the people are rooted in enchanting cultural attractions, e.g. festivals like the Durbar, Osun, Agungu, Eyo, Igue, Riverfest, Mwamnu, Kwaga-hir and Sharo to mention a few.

Several crafts are made through the length and breath of Nigeria in the form of textiles, ceramics, woodcarvings, calabashes, glass and metal works, as well as ivory carving.

The Tourism Policy of the Federal Government has been re-worked to support a deregulated industry and favour private investment. This has opened up special opportunities in the country in specilised areas such as; overland safaris, national parks, game and gorilla viewing, deep sea recreational fishing, lake and river fishing, archaeological tours, beach resorts and hotels, water land and air transportation, surfing and snorkeling, theme parks and exposition centers.

You may click here to visit the Nigeria Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) website for more details.

ATS Travel Nigeria limited provides turnkey travel assistance to visiting entrepreneurs and tourists ensuring a hassle free experience of Nigeria.

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